Diverse Dance Mix

A Social Enterprise - Dance Fitness by Dame Darcey Bussell DBE

DDMIX for Schools is an inspiring dance fitness program that gets kids moving!

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“Movement to music makes children come alive and changes the way they feel. With the DDMIX program, kids get an exciting and diverse learning experience that is physical, aerobic and high time on task. These benefits should be enjoyed by every child. Dance fitness can stimulate the child’s interest in sport, in the arts and give them the confidence to explore their own creativity in other fields."
Dame Darcey Bussell DBE, Creator of DDMIX

Benefits of DDMIX for Schools

Full body work out and aerobic

Non-competitive and inclusive

Straightforward for you to deliver to your students

Appreciation of music and communication

Appreciation of diverse cultures

Co-ordination and memory expansion

For more information please contact the DDMIX for Schools team on
07925 174194

Kids love it so much they don’t even realise they’re exercising

DDMIX for Schools follows National Curriculum PE guidelines

The Key Stage 1 sessions are aimed at developing the key skills and elements of dance, introducing many themes that can be cross curricular.

In Key Stage 2, DDMIX dances are incorporated and used to develop their use of dynamics, character, narrative, group formation and many other devices.

The DDMIX genres taught across Key Stage 3 enable students to explore further cultural and historical contexts and key characteristics of the dance styles. Throughout all age groups, students learn set movements to develop their technical skills and also have opportunity to develop their own choreography.

Bring the most diverse diverse fitness program to into your PE lessons - from African to Greek, Bollywood to Japanese - your students and teachers will love it.

We offer a variety of packages to suit every school. We can either train your staff, or provide our highly trained and fun DDMIX instructors.

Example of package and pricing options for staff training:

Key Stage 1 & 2 Schemes of Work and 2 hour Inset: £750

  1. Schemes of Work, music, DVD, games and picture resources
  2. Key Stage 1 breakdown
  3. Key Stage 2 breakdown
  4. DDMIX license for a year

For more inset options and for Key Stage 3 packages please get in touch.

Yearly Membership

We want all of our schools who join this program to be part of a community and to know that they have the support of the DDMIX for Schools team throughout their membership year.

Our packages start from £250 per year (free for your first year), and also includes updates to the SOW as applicable and one free yearly CPD place for a member of staff.

Further staff insets and general school visits maybe booked separately and can include half a day visit from your DDMIX Area Manager, which could be in the form of an assembly, additional training, class observations and assistance, or help organising a yearly performance/festival.

Additional Services

DDMIX instructor peripatetic options which include:
  • Full day PPA cover (with or without clubs)
  • Half day PPA cover (with or without clubs)
  • Stand alone club sessions / extra curricular clubs

For more information please contact the DDMIX for Schools team on
07925 174194

"I would like to thank the DDMIX team for allowing me to attend the DDMIX workshop recently. Both Giselle and Kelly were so enthusiastic and their passion for dance and the DDMIX programme was infectious.

At times dance workshops and CPD opportunities can be an intimidating experience and this dance workshop could not have been any further away from this. The focus of the session was inclusion for all and they provided examples as to how to create an atmosphere where children feel confident to express themselves and most importantly have fun! What was also refreshing was the focus being not on your own expertise and level of ability as a dance teacher, but on allowing pupils to put their own stamp on a dance choreography and take ownership, thus taking the emphasis off the teachers’ ability.

If Universities and Schools are looking for ways to develop teachers’ confidence in delivering dance as part of the PE curriculum or as a single subject, I can highly recommend DDMIX. It ticks all the boxes by showing examples of cross- curricular and SMSC links. Developing teachers will walk away from the workshop with practical examples that can be directly applied to the classroom and SOW, requiring no prior dance expertise. I am looking forward to seeing how my pupils will respond to the DDMIX content and feel confident to deliver this."
Mrs Bethan Hall, Head of Games and PE, Lincoln Minster School
"We completed our first half term and it was brilliant. The children really enjoyed it and I enjoyed teaching it. We will be continuing in the Spring Term. I cannot tell you how much progress there has been since last year."
Gemma Norman, Pe coordinator at Grange Park Junior School
"The children are really enjoying the sessions so far and getting a lot out of them so a massive thanks! "
Emma Benham Albion Primary School


What services do DDMIX for Schools provide?

DDMIX for Schools is a not-for-profit company. We want to work with you to get dance fitness into your school.

There are many package options available and our most popular packages are our training insets with Schemes of Work.

We will come to your school and train up your own teachers. Your school will receive the Schemes of Work and our professional team will provide a breakdown of the Key Stages along with a thorough initial break down of genres.

We have found after the training, the teachers feel confident with the key movements and genres regardless of previous dance fitness experience, encouraging more people to want to teach PE. This package can be part of a yearly membership and with that you can receive support from DDMIX in the form of:

  • Automatic updates on Schemes of Work, events and any other additional information
  • One free yearly CPD place for a member of staff

Further staff insets and general school visits maybe booked separately including:

  • General school visit: half a day visit from your DDMIX Area Manager. This can include an assembly, additional training, class observations and assistance, help organising a yearly performance/festival

We also offer the option to purchase the Scheme of Work, DVD and music resources separately without inset.

Alternatively, we can provide a peripatetic teacher to come to your school to deliver, whether it be PPA cover for a day or just a half day of classes. (We also offer extra-curricular clubs which gives the children access to many more of our genres).

We are passionate about giving all children the opportunity to get active and will provide the most appropriate package to suit your school.

How much does it cost?

We have a variety of packages because we appreciate that there is a variety of school budgets.

Our packages for Schemes of Work and inset start at £750, but please contact the school team to discuss a package that’s best for you. This lead in package includes 2 hours training from our professional team along with the Schemes of Work for KS1 and KS2, music, DVD, games and picture resources.

Our extended package options can be split into two training sessions, for example 4 hours can be split into 2 x 2 hour sessions. This will give your staff time to absorb the information and movements from the 1st session. If you have then identified areas of focus or improvement, this can be covered in the 2nd session along with further training. We are here to make it work for you.


The cost of this service starts from £30 an hour.

Here are some examples of what we can provide;

  • Full day PPA cover (with or without clubs)
  • Half day PPA cover (with or without clubs)
  • Stand-alone lessons/ clubs and extra-curricular clubs

Why DDMIX for Schools?

DDMIX for Schools is a not-for-profit company. Any profits are reinvested to get dance fitness into as many schools as possible.

We are passionate about making dance fitness an integral part of PE in all schools, giving all children the opportunity to get moving whilst most importantly enjoying exercise.

It is easy to teach. The genres are each broken down into key movements which can be used as building blocks to allow easy delivery and give the children the confidence and foundation to create.

The classes are very high time on task, and therefore the children are moving within 60 seconds of entering the class for a group warm up.

It is diverse, inclusive and non-competitive.

DDMIX Dance fitness is movement to music NOT specialised dance.

It is a full body and mind workout.

Designed to fit within PE, following the National Curriculum guidelines.

It fits any UK school’s physical assets, all you need is a power source.

The music is unique and specifically created for DDMIX, therefore there is no opportunity for exclusion, we never use ‘pop’ music.

Our membership means you have the option to have continued support should you need any further help/assistance with the program, including Scheme of Work updates and yearly CPD places.

Who do I need to get in touch with to book or for more information?

Contact our Head of DDMIX for Schools Kelly Bennett on schools@diversedancemix.com or on 07925174194 who will be happy to assist you with your bookings and enquiries.

Can my school trial the product?

Yes, if you are interest in booking one of our packages we would be more than happy to offer a complimentary taster session in the form of a school assembly or a 30-minute session with a specific year group. Please get in contact to organise this.

Will Darcey come to my school?

Darcey is actively involved with the Schools however, we cannot guarantee specific visits due to her incredibly busy schedule. However, we can say since the launch of the program she has visited a huge amount of schools, and will always try to get down to as many schools as she can to see the children in action.