DDMIX for Schools Dance Mix, Fitness for PE

Your Free 15 Minute Taster Assembly

We hope that you enjoy your taster of Dance Mix Fitness for PE.

Please remember that this taster can be done anywhere that you have a screen or projector. Whether it be behind a desk, in your classroom or in the school hall.

Everyone can join in and follow along (including the teachers!) sampling just one of our many genres. We have provided opportunities to pause the video, to enable you to get the children involved to volunteer their thoughts and ideas throughout.

Whenever you are ready simply press play and have fun!

We hope that you enjoyed your short taster of Dance Mix Fitness for PE!

Our Schemes of Work written for KS1 and KS2, use many genres from all over the world and throughout the ages.

The genres and skills are introduced through games and activities that encourage the children to offer their own ideas and movements, keeping the class active and boosting creative confidence to the whole class.

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