There are additional warm up examples which you can find in the resources, but for the purpose of this training we have included two warm ups below, the second aimed more towards KS2.

The Kids warm up can be used straight away or alternatively you may choose to introduce it during the later units during KS1, once the children have explored more movements. You will find everything that you need in the Schemes of Work and resources. 



Aimed at: This is an activity introduced at the very beginning with KS1.

Skills: Spatial awareness both in space and use of body, team work, decision making and listening


Aimed at: KS1 +

Skills: Bending, spatial awareness, use of body team work, peer observation.

What Shape Can You Make

Aimed at: KS1 – developed in KS2 to create narrative in the form of freeze frames.

Skills: Working in a group, levels, direction, size of movement.


Aimed at: KS1 onwards

Skills: Formation, decision making, team work, counting/timing, demonstration of movements specific to the class


Aimed at: KS1 onwards

Skills: Formation, decision making, team work, counting/timing, identifying, creating and demonstrating movements in line with the theme of the lesson

Who’s Leading Who?

Aimed at: KS1 onwards

Skills: Mirroring, team work, creating movements in line with the lesson theme or genre, peer observation

Volume Game

Aimed at: KS2 onwards

Skills: Identifying and demonstrating size of movement. Identifying and demonstrating energy/power put into movement. Use of character/narrative.Spatial awareness

Model Me

Aimed at: KS2 onwards

Skills: Directing movement, decision making, listening, demonstrating movement. Team work and peer observation.


Aimed at: KS1 onwards

Skills: Understanding simple and cumulative canon. Timing, listening, demonstrating movements in line with the theme/genre of the lesson

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